Why Face Masks Need Customization?

The recent global events have completely disrupted our world. Personal hygiene and protection have become a major part of our lives. Face masks are one of them. Here are some cool reasons that insist us to ditch the clinical look and adapt the trend of Face Mask customization.

The world today is fighting against the deadly pandemic COVID-19 and has completely disrupted our economy. Personal hygiene and protection have inevitably become an important part of our lives now. The face mask is now the new normal.  

story covered by the popular website The Wall Street Journal shares insights into how coronavirus face masks are the new Concert T-shirts for most of the bands. The famous Dave Mathews Band designed hawking face masks instead of the traditional concert T-shirts for their avid fans. For a surprise, more than 10,000 face masks were sold in a day. Bravo!

similar story covered by BBC confirmed that after T-shirts and caps, artists from the music merchandise industry are now interested in customized face masks. Now, the face masks have become more like a fashion accessory.

Here are some important reasons why you should go for face mask customization.

1.     Branding and Personalization

Apart from individuals, most of the companies and brands are opting for face mask customization for their employees. Face mask customization adds a sense of personalization and friendliness as compared to the monotonous look of the plain surgical masks. This poses a great opportunity for branding and marketing as well.

2.      New Age Fashionista

It’s time to ditch the old clinical look by creating your own personalized face masks. Get your own logo or lines printed and pair it up with a bandana or shades for extra swag. Become the new age fashionista and get ready to make a statement with cool and personalized face masks.

3.      Make Someone Smile

A funny one-liner is sufficient to make someone smile in this COVID-19 hit scenario. A funny face on your mask may make someone laugh or infuse positivity and a ray of hope.

What all things you can get printed on face mask?

You can print anything to everything such as a pattern, 3-D design, logo, one-liner, pictures, cartoons or personalized text. If you are a brand, then design it as per your company’s logo and colours. Design it as per your profession such as if you run an ice-cream parlour then get some nice pictures or messages printed on your masks. If you are a hair-stylist or a make-up artist, then customize the mask that suits your personality.

4.      Breathable Fabric

The face mask that has customization is the new favourite in terms of merchandise. There has been a steep rise in the popularity of the face masks over a couple of years. Whether it is to protect from the harsh effects of pollution, cold air or the deadly coronavirus pandemic, face masks have certainly become the new normal.

One big advantage of face-mask customization is that most of the customization companies allow you to choose the type of fabric. So, you can choose a high-quality, comfortable and breathable fabric that is washable and can easily be taken care of.

Together We Will and We Can Make a Difference

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