How to Take Care of Your Custom Apparel ?

A custom designed t-shirt or hoodie is something that you would like to maintain and wear for as long as possible. The best way is to stay a bit extra careful and follow these washing instructions.

We love to wear our custom printed apparel not only once or twice but for years. Most of us have general laundry knowledge as given by our parents or family members. But, these custom printed tshirts need special care. As a pioneer in fashion apparel and custom printing, we will share the secrets of taking care and washing the custom printed or embroidered clothing.

·        Turn them inside out to wash

Be it custom printed hoodie, tee or polo t-shirt, turn them inside out before washing. In fact, you should perform this action with all your exclusive fashion apparel as well. The reason is it protects the print design from getting damaged by coming directly in contact with the washer, dryer or by being rubbed against other clothes. The same procedure can be followed even if you are treating a stain to protect the design.

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·        Wash with similar colours

Make it a thumb rule to wash whites with whites and coloured outfits with coloured ones. Always use detergents that are soft on fabrics and avoid using bleach as they may cause the print design to fade, peel or crack.

Be it chlorine bleach or colour-safe bleach, the printed designs cannot tolerate these harsh chemicals. The chances of design deterioration strike high. 

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·        Stain removal

Read the label carefully for washing instructions. The treatment for stains depends on the type of fabric and type of stain. If you are using any stain removal expert detergent, then try them first on the hidden part of the garment to make sure it is colourfast.

·        Wash in cold water

Cold water prevents the custom printed t-shirt from colour bleeding. When the temperature of the water is kept low, it prevents the colour from getting faded and preserves the printed design. Washing in warm or hot water not only weakens the paint but may harm the fabric causing it to fade.  

·        Don’t overstuff the washtub

Even if there isn’t enough laundry, you can still run the wash function of your washing machine. Some outfits such as custom printed hoodies need enough room for movement. Don’t overstuff your washtub as it will cause more friction in washing and is not good for your clothes.

·        Dry in shade

The UV rays from the sun may be harmful to your fabric and print. It may turn the fabric and the printed design weak and make it fade or peel away. So, avoid drying the custom printed tshirts in the direct sunlight and dry them in shade. 

·        Avoid Dryer

Avoid the dryer as far as you can. Rather hang your garments in the shade and allow them to dry. For embroidered (heavy) outfits lay them on a flat surface to dry. The dryer may make the embroidery wrinkled or puckered. Even if your t-shirt is custom printed, using a dryer can lead to peeled and cracked designs.

·        Ironing

We’ve discussed above that how heat is bad for custom clothing but you may need to iron your clothes. Keep a thin towel or a handkerchief if you want to iron over a design. You can also iron over the design by turning the garment inside out (the wrong side of the design). While ironing makes sure to keep the lowest heat settings.   

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