How to Design the Brand Merchandise to Gain Maximum Publicity?

Brand Merchandising is a phenomenal way to get low-cost publicity, if done in a right way! Watch out for these things while designing your brand merchandise.

Entering the market or getting your store up (online or offline) is no big feat. You need to make sure that no stone is left unturned to make your brand see the light of the day. Brand awareness and brand recognition are two key components to stand unprecedented in this competitive world. Welcome to the world of Brand Merchandising.

What is Brand Merchandising?

Branding Merchandising is all about promoting your brand by printing your logo or slogan on a product that your targeted audience can see. They may or may not be related to the services/products that you sell. For example: custom printed tshirt with company logo and tag line, personalized bags, mugs, printed masks etc.

The sole purpose is to bring brand awareness to everyone around. It is one of the best ways to get low-cost publicity, if done in a right way. Here are a few tips that will help you get best out of this opportunity and bring brand awareness to its maximum impact. 

Things to consider while designing

1.       Attention to Message

None of your brand stakeholders will wear the customised tshirt or any other merchandise if they don’t agree with the message printed. So, you need to make sure that whatever message or tagline you have though reflects your brand’s vision, quality, values etc.

2.       Know Your Strategy

Knowing your strategy is vital for every aspect of brand merchandising. To gain maximum advantage, the brand should know the targeted customers, investment budget, spending time etc. Don’t spend money on something that isn’t worth it. A well-researched strategy would increase your chances of branding going in the right direction.

3.       Right Products

Strict to traditional products for your merchandising such as custom printed solid polo tee or hoody, plain logo tshirts or caps etc. Be careful about your customer’s age, their liking etc while selecting a perfect product for merchandising process.

4.       Start Small

If you are a novice or starting afresh, then the best way is to start out small. Keep a check on the responses by bringing out only a limited number of merchandise. This helps you test the waters before jumping into the sea with a large order.

5.       No Compromise on Quality

It becomes hard to attract the audience with an unravelling custom printed t-shirt or a bag having a pixelated image. Wrecked or shoddy products will turn the odds against you. Make sure that whatever product you choose are of good quality and carry a clean, nice design. Contact with best quality t-shirt manufacturers and printers for best results and affordable deals.

6.      Go Creative!

Don’t limit your brand with just your logo or tag line on t-shirts. Go for customised printed messages and a variety of products such as mugs, pens, notebooks, bags, hats, etc. People prefer clean designs like one-liners or even just one word!

Avoid adding your contact numbers, website, address etc as it may deter the audience from wearing the merchandise. Don’t be pushy; just stay clean and organised for the best impact.

7.       Avoid Profit Expectations

Selling brand merchandise is an effective and low-cost mode of high-impact marketing and brand awareness. Avoid seeing it as a mode of profit. Set realistic expectations here.

8.       Distribution Mode

You should be very clear about the distribution strategy such as whether the merchandise would be given as a gift or it would be sold to the audience. The strategy should cover each and every aspect of distribution. 

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